Greetings From Pastor and Mrs. Dave Smith

DECEMBER/JANUARY Report  2009-2010

Greetings from Beaumont, CA, where, like everyone else in Southern California, we are experiencing the pounding of a week of rainstorms that hopefully will help alleviate our state's current drought conditions.

The past two months of transition from the pastorate of the past 30 years have been one of many emotions but mostly of joy and anticipation of following the Lord's leading in our lives at this later stage of life. . . .


Much of December was focused on Jill's foot surgery and our efforts to find a new home.  Jill's surgery was somewhat successful and very painful.  The surgeon discovered vast deposits of arthritis in her foot bones and very weak density of bone marrow and it resulted in an unplanned fracture during surgery while inserting pins to straighten her toes.  This may necessitate a bone transplant in the future.  It was mandated for her to be off her feet for 8 weeks and with our moving and packing this was extremely difficult, if not impossible for her to do.  While up during the night of week six, she stubbed her toe in the dark and x-rays indicated another fracture on the same foot!  She now looks forward to the same surgery on the other foot.

God provided us a lovely home in Beaumont, California located about 25 miles west of Palm Springs in a gated, community of retired people.  The home was bank-owned and unoccupied for over a year and required some fixing up, but was obtained at a bargain price.  We were grateful for the help of about twenty men and ladies mostly from Gethsemane Baptist Church (Long Beach) and a few men from Lighthouse Baptist Church (La Verne) who were a huge blessing on moving day.  We are finally getting settled and are now able to get our two cars into the garage.

During the month of December while still in Fullerton, I was able to attend Bible Baptist Church in Whittier.  We were able to offer our Home Owner's Association spa to them for their first baptism in 10 years and preached for them the Sunday before Christmas.

Since moving to Beaumont, we have attended two church plants, one pastored by Bro. Todd Giesen in Cathedral City and one new church plant in Perris, CA -Harvest Baptist Church, pastored by Bro. Floyd Dorsey.  We have one more church plant to visit, also in Perris, while continuing to seek God's will and discover where we could most effectively serve.  Right now it appears that Bro. Dorsey has the greatest need and has asked for us to come and help.  Please pray with us for wisdom on this important and critical decision.

Our calendar for 2010 is filling up as I will be preaching in Pastor Brian Dunlop's church (Lighthouse Baptist Church of La Verne) in his absence January 24 and also teaching in their College and Career Sunday School class for Bro. Dan Randolph.  In February, Jill and I will be traveling to Missouri where I will be leading the Missions Conference for Calvary Baptist Church in Marshall, Missouri where our missionaries, the Stensaas family are members.  I will be speaking for Pastor Szydlowski at the Valentine Banquet of Mountain Avenue Baptist Church in Banning, a preacher's fellowship in March, preaching at Crown College in April and a few other missions conferences and a couple's conference so far.  Again, please pray with us that we will be wise in understanding the plan of God and following His steps for us and that we will walk with God and not run in vain.

We are being helped in working on a website so in the near future look for it to appear under our new domain of fellowhelpersministry.org.  We have a few more weeks of work to do.

We have stepped out by faith trusting God to provide for all our needs and know that where God guides, He provides.

To our friends at GBC, we love you and miss all of our dear church family.  Thank you for being our sending church.  We pray for you daily and thank the Lord for Pastor Murphy and his desire to continue to lead you to greater heights for the glory of God.


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